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 “To be the Most Loved and Respected Coffee Company Worldwide”

Is our motto and vision. As such we strive to expand around the globe to achieve this.

We work with our team members to work towards this vision and ensure that our quality service is maintained at all times.

Using only premium beans, Gloria Jean’s Coffees have been in the national market for over 50 years. Originating from the United States, it was introduced in Australia in 1996.

It has since served more than 35 million guests each year with over 300 coffee houses all over the country.

Working alongside our R & D team, our product range has since evolved to suit the trends of ever-changing taste buds.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees then shared its passion by using its proven franchise model to then expand all over the globe.

For non-coffee lovers, Gloria Jean’s Coffees offers beverages like our Signature Hot Chocolate, Very Vanilla Chiller and Mango Smoothie.

  • Low franchise fee of $25k
  • 5 years franchise rights
  • Option to set up smaller scale outlets

Additional information

Year of Establishment

2016 in Singapore

Country of Origin


Number of Units

4 (in Singapore)

Franchise Options

Single Unit Franchise (SUF)
Area Franchise (AF)
Master Franchise (MF)

Franchise Fee

SUF: SGD 25000
Case to case basis for Multi-unit Franchise


10% including Marketing Fund

Marketing Fund


Franchise Term

5 years

Size of Unit

300sqft and requirement for franchise stores to be discussed with flexibility

Estimated Setup Cost

SGD 140,000 to SGD 200,000

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