Unveiling the Local Gems: Indonesia's Franchise Success Stories

Written by Rafi Sartin

In the vibrant and diverse landscape of Indonesia's business scene, some local franchise brands have managed to make a lasting impression, often being mistaken for international giants. Let's take a closer look at these hidden gems that have successfully carved their niche in the market. 


Sour Sally: A Yogurt Sensation 

Sour Sally, with its playful name and delightful offerings, has become a sensation in Indonesia. This local gem is often mistaken for an international brand due to its widespread popularity and chic outlets. Offering a range of delectable yogurt treats, Sour Sally has managed to capture the taste buds of locals and tourists alike. 


Holland Bakery: Baking Tradition, Local Excellence 

Holland Bakery, despite its name, is a quintessentially Indonesian success story. With a commitment to quality and a wide array of freshly baked goods, this franchise has become a household name. Many are surprised to discover that Holland Bakery is, indeed, a local brand, showcasing the power of Indonesian entrepreneurship in the competitive world of baking. 


Excelso: Brewing Success Locally 

Excelso, with its cozy atmosphere and aromatic coffee, is a favorite spot for many coffee enthusiasts in Indonesia. Often mistaken as an international coffee chain, Excelso has successfully positioned itself as a local brand with a global appeal. The consistency in delivering quality coffee and a welcoming ambiance has contributed to its widespread recognition. 


Xi Bo Ba: The Bubble Tea Craze 

Xi Bo Ba has ridden the wave of the global bubble tea craze, and its success has positioned it as a brand that could easily be mistaken for an international player. This local franchise has managed to capture the hearts of tea lovers across Indonesia, offering a diverse menu of refreshing and innovative beverages. 


These local franchises – Sour Sally, Holland Bakery, Excelso, and Xi Bo Ba – have not only flourished in their respective niches but have also created a brand image that transcends borders. Their success story is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity thriving in Indonesia. 

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