UCMAS: A Proven Franchise Opportunity with Global Growth

Written by Yash Patil, Digital Marketing Strategist, Astreem Consulting

In recent years, Mathematics based franchises have become a very strong franchise option for entrepreneurs seeking to build their franchise business. The reason for this high demand can be attributed to the fact that Mathematics is a foundational subject, and most students struggle with it at some point in their academic journey. As a result, there is a consistent demand for math tutoring and educational support. Math franchises tap into this demand by offering specialized programs and resources to help students improve their math skills.  

Other reasons that have contributed to this growth in Mathematics based franchises are that these franchises are models based on a repeat enrolment basis that offers a steady stream of Income, an established curriculum, brand recognition, training and support and easy scalability.  

One such Mathematics based Franchise is UCMAS, the Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System. It is a mental arithmetic program that uses an abacus to teach children how to perform mental calculations and is known as the singular tool to develop the entire brain. It is a globally recognised program with over 6000 centres and has been taught to over 10 million children in over 78 countries. Entrepreneurs seeking to get involved in a business that is rewarding and provide a positive impact on children's education, confidence, and learning outcomes should certainly explore what UCMAS offers. 

The UCMAS program is designed to help children develop their mental math skills, concentration, memory, and problem-solving abilities. The program uses various techniques, including visualisation, imagery, and repetition, to boost child development and learn how to perform mental calculations quickly and accurately. 

Research has shown that students who attend their courses have: 

  1. Higher IQ 
  2. Stronger short-term and photographic memory 
  3. Higher imagination and creativity 
  4. Stronger class concentration, observation, judgment, and application 

In addition to the cognitive benefits, UCMAS also teaches children important life skills such as: 

  1. Self-discipline 
  2. Time management 
  3. Perseverance 
  4. Confidence 
  5. Teamwork 

It is a great way to help children develop their math and cognitive abilities. The program is fun and engaging and is incredibly effective in helping children improve their math skills. 

UCMAS Franchise Growth over the Years 

UCMAS has been a successful franchise with a proven business model since its inception in 1993. The program has grown to over 6000 UCMAS learning centres serving worldwide, and it is currently expanding in Singapore. 

Benefits of becoming a UCMAS franchisee: 

  1. Strong branding: UCMAS is a well-known and respected brand with a strong reputation for quality. You can benefit from the UCMAS brand when you become a franchisee. 
  2. Proven concept: It is a proven concept with over 6000 units in over 78 countries. This means you can be confident that the UCMAS program will succeed in your community. No guesswork in bringing this tested program to the market. 
  3. Operationally efficient: UCMAS has digitalised its business processes and easy to operate system so franchisees can retrieve their training content and practice questions online. This platform provides franchisees with access to a vast library of practice questions that they can use to help their students prepare for the IGE.  
  4. High-profit margins: UCMAS offers high-profit margins to franchisees. This means that you can make a good living from your UCMAS franchise. Once you have built your business foundation with a single unit, you can go on to open up new outlets to build an even more significant income Stream. 
  5. Franchise support network: UCMAS provides franchisees with comprehensive training and support. This means that you will be able to get started with your franchise quickly and easily.


The UCMAS Franchise is a rewarding investment opportunity for your future as a business owner and also help in developing children’s future by developing their math and cognitive abilities. 

UCMAS is currently expanding and offering franchise opportunities in Singapore. For further information on the brand, please click here. It will provide you with more detailed insights into the brand and its offerings.

If you are interested in becoming a UCMAS franchisee, please get in touch with us at  

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