By Rafi Sartin:

Do you want to be a coffee entrepreneur? Then you must know about and experience coffee’s third wave.

Coffee has evolved from a mass beverage to artisanal food and at the front seat of it’s development is Jewel Coffee. Jewel Coffee is Singapore’s no. 1 specialty coffee brand that delivers the third wave experience in every cup. From farmer to the consumer, the coffee drinker is empowered with his chosen drink, not just physically but socially as well. And because Jewel Coffee offers the experience and not just the drink, customers can expect different ambience for every branch – making the experience truly unique.

From the first to the third wave, coffee remains to be a staple beverage everyone is sure to consume on a daily basis. Multiply that possibility to your potential market and your own love for coffee and it can be the best franchise choice you will make. Jewel Coffee is Singapore’s no. 1 specialty coffee brand. And if a whole country can vouch for Jewel Coffee’s quality, you know you’re investing in a top-notch business.

Here are more of Jewel Coffee’s selling points as a franchise:

1. Turnkey solution for business owners

Jewel coffee will guide you from development to operations to ensure the success of your franchise in your own territory

2. Location search assessment

For coffee shops, location is key to success. Jewel Coffee provides assistance in determining the best spot you can build your dream Jewel Coffee franchise.

3. Provide ongoing training and support

The coffee industry is full of growth and possibilities. Jewel coffee will provide continuous training and support to make sure that your service will be at par with global standards


It is also critical that you are franchising a dedicated brand that looks forward to helping you as well. After all, a franchise will be your own business. This is where a good team and a good brand to franchise come in. With the franchise relationship, the brand owners will guide the franchisee from planning to execution and the franchisee can focus on growth and maintaining the brand’s quality. Franchising a quality coffee shop brand like Jewel Coffee is always a good investment.

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