Written by Natasha Chua and Rafi Sartin


Audrey Lee has been instrumental in bringing in Singaporean education brands to the Philippine market. As the Franchise Director for Enrich Asia Pte Ltd, she is responsible for growing the number of Philippine outlets for Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M), Stag Match Education and Training Group (SMET) and Unique English Classroom (UEC).

As with any great endeavor, her journey came with its own highs and lows. Audrey shares that one of her biggest challenges was how to answer the target market’s question: “What was so special about these programs (S.A.M, SMET & UEC)?” After all, the Philippines does not lack for enrichment programs catered to supplement the Filipino child’s education and abilities.

But answer this question she did. All of Enrich Asia’s education brands hail from the small but very successful country of Singapore. With this, the brands have adapted the best practices of the country in terms of education towards progress and development. In general, the brands focus on honing the child from inside-out and not spoon feeding which is the current norm in the education system.

And this answer formed Enrich Asia’s base marketing strategy to reach out and convince parents to switch and try their programs instead.

Audrey credits Enrich Asia’s success mainly to her team’s qualities that make them highly suitable for the education franchise:

“First of all, running an education franchise requires the passion to educate. While it can be profitable, there will be painful and long initial periods where the franchise has not gained momentum. What constantly pushed my team and I was the improvement we saw in our students.”

So what would be the top 5 things a potential franchisee must have to start an education franchise?

1. Grit, more grit and the willingness to grind.

Perseverance is key when taking up a franchise. As mentioned before, there will be times when the business seems at a standstill. It can be quite disheartening. But to succeed, you have to continue to push yourself.

2. Deep understanding of the country’s education industry

Find out when are the peak and non-peak periods. Also take note of the enrollment peaks to know when to strike for marketing campaigns.

3. A good team that understands your vision and who can execute it well

The education franchise is not a one-man show. Hence, you must ensure you recruit the right people who understands your aims and can execute the day to day operations accordingly.

4. Enough capital to tolerate the months before operational breakeven

The education franchise is just like any other business in this respect. When starting out, don’t expect parents to flock to your center and give you their money. You need time to build your reputation. Hence you need enough money to keep your business going before it gets to that point.

5. Understanding that marketing is not something to be stingy on.

Do not assume that everyone in your target market knows what your brand is about. While word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to gain customers, it often does not have a reach wide enough to gain the number of customers you need. Hence the necessity to invest funds for marketing your brand to as many of your target market as possible.

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