Suki-Ya: House Of Hot Pot

Written by Amit Sharma, Community Development Manager

Suki-Ya is a Japanese hot pot (nabe/steamboat) chain that offers sukiyaki & shabu-shabu in an all-you-can-eat format. The Singapore food chain stands out for its unique, heart-warming and fun Japanese hot pot experience designed for family, friends and groups at affordable prices.

Popularly known as the ‘House of Hot Pot,’ Suki-Ya lets guests design their own meal, including the ingredients, soup base and sauces. It is particularly famous for its delicious sukiyaki and shabu-shabu (a Japanese hotpot dish where meat slices and vegetables are boiled in a broth) offerings. Suki-Ya even has a lovable mascot named Suki-San, in addition to a lot of carefully curated, endearing animated miniature characters that reflect the fun and unorthodox dining experience Suki-Ya is famous for.

Suki-Ya is owned by Singapore F&B Group – Creative Eateries and was founded in July 2008 by F&B entrepreneur Anthony Wong. The group has a diverse stable of 21 F&B brands in its portfolio– Thai, Western, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine and catering services. The conceptualization of Suki-Ya was born from the combination of specialized shops in Japan serving hot pot, shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. To adopt and share the exclusive dining experience, we gathered technology and expertise from Japan and fused them together. In addition, we wanted to share our idea of a modern healthy lifestyle eatery where people can get together to experience healthy, low-fat food in a warm atmosphere.

Comfortable Dining Experience

Suki-Ya clearly leads the charge in Singapore’s hot pot scene. Some of the restaurant’s popular soup bases include – Sukiyaki, Tonyu Miso, Shabu-Shabu, Kimuchi, Butaniku and Fresh Soy Miso. Diners can also indulge in unlimited servings of paper-thin beef, pork and chicken slices to enjoy the Suki-Ya experience. Another highlight of Suki-Ya’s is its ‘Healthy Bar’ (vegetable bar) featuring a wide variety of fresh vegetables to round up the meal with a healthy touch.

Suki-Ya is a great dining choice for family and friends to huddle close together whilst enjoying great food and impeccable customer service, and to top everything off with an affordable price tag. At each Suki-Ya restaurant, their team creates a unique dining experience that the community has come to love. If you believe in the Suki-Ya brand experience, share a passion for Japanese cuisine and looking for a food franchise business opportunity in Singapore that is fun, has cult status and mass appeal, Suki-Ya may be just right for you.

Learn more about the SUKI-YA franchise opportunity at Franchise Feature – Suki-Ya.

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