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Originated the famed Chaktuchak market, Bangkok Thailand, Co+Nut+Ink has poured passion and infused the efficiency of modern technology to make this delicious, wholely natural product available to consumers readily and easily. The Co+Nut+Ink ice cream has none of the artificial taste but only the light, pure and whole goodness that Coconut brings. The natural Goodness of the heaven sent Coconut include anti-aging and hydrating properties that aid in detoxing the body, encouraging weight loss. It even has medicinal and anti-bacterial properties that reduce blood cholesterol levels and harmful abdominal fats.

Besides all the health benefits, Co+Nut+Ink is simply a delicious and spirit lifting treat. Each serving comes with an ice-cream encased charmingly in an all natural coconut husk and a tall glass of pure coconut juice. Franchisees of Co+Nut+Ink will become part of the Co+Nut+Ink revolution to help 1 billion people find their way to health and happiness through the miraculous goodness of the humble coconut.


  • It’s a franchise concept that offers health benefits and happiness on earth to its customers
  • Unique coconut ice cream franchise concept for the healthy outdoor lifestyle market
  • Franchisees can benefit by being one of the first in the world to offer coconut ice-cream in a husk from Co+Nut+Ink Robotic Self serve machines! Perfect for High traffic footprint locations secured in traditionally low-access amusement parks with robotic kiosks serving out the same delicious, refreshing coconut ice-cream in a husk. 

  • Concept versatility to suit all outdoor lifestyle environment
  • Easily scalable from 50 to 1000 sqft
  • First in the world Robotic Self serve machines giving access to traffic in amusement parks, tourist attraction points and increasing revenue streams
  • Healthy Natural goodness in every product
  • Easy to operate with quick set up and low costs
  • Attractive payback of less than 18 months

Additional information

Year of Establishment


Country of Origin


Franchise Options

Area Franchise
Single Unit Franchise (only in Singapore)

Franchise Fee

Area Franchise: USD80,000 for 10 outlets
Single Unit Franchise (only in Singapore): SGD20,000


Single Unit Franchise (only in Singapore): 5%
Area Franchise: 5%

Marketing Fund

Single Unit Franchise (only in Singapore): 1%

Size of Unit

50 – 100sqft

Estimated Setup Cost

Single Unit Franchise (only in Singapore): SGD 56,000

Franchise Term

Single Unit Franchise: 3 years
Area Franchise: 8 years

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