ICHIRYU is part of Garden Group from Japan. Garden Group has a track record of turning defi cit stores of about 200 shops such as ramen, izakaya, steak, bowl, Hawaiian dining into profitable businesses. Garden Group aims to be a company that is proud of its individuality who always contributes to society by continuing to create value to customers through providing safe, comfortable and enjoyable environments. ICHIRYU’s legendary taste started in the stalls at Nakasu, Fukuoka in 1974. Today, ramen fanatics from both Japan and abroad seek to get a taste of ICHIRYU. “100% Natural Tonkotsu”is the promise of ICHIRYU. Ramen by ICHIRYU is created through repeated tests to develop its succulent and supple texture. The exquisite balance of ICHIRYU’s mellow soup and exclusive thin noodles have attracted customers from young to old.

Additional information

Year of Establishment


Country of Origin


Number of Units


Franchise Options

Area Franchise (AF)

Franchise Fee

AF : USD 64K for 4 Stores + USD 9K per additional store


AF : USD 2K per month per store

Marketing Fund


Franchise Term

AF : 5 + 5 years

Size of Unit

700 sqft

Estimated Setup Cost

USD 150K

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