The Talad Drink launched in early 2017 to much fanfare and crowd approval. Clad in tall classy bottles, each different flavour packs a unique taste and is a modern take on traditional Thai drinks commonly sold in the popular market places in Thailand. Sold over the counter in a kiosk concept, the drinks are affordably-priced and intricately Thai-infused.

Founded by Mr Barret Chan and Mr Ronald Tan, the duo has created a direction for colourful Thai drinks that are not only visually appealing, but also very refreshing to the taste bud. Stemming from the butterfly pea plant, the extract of the plant becomes the main ingredient in these drinks, as its qualities allow the different flavours to amalgamate and form unicorn-coloured yet natural delights.

At the root of The Talad Drink, we want to let our customers experience authentic and traditional Thai drinks with an elevated modern twist. Not only do the drinks look like rainbow, we want The Talad Drink to be the ultimate perk-me-up whether you’re having a good or bad day!

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