Unique English Classroom Franchise: Prepare children today, for tomorrow’s world with Unique English Classroom, based on Singapore English Syllabus set by Ministry of Education in Singapore.

The Unique English Classroom doesn’t re-teach what has been taught in the classroom, rather, it builds and develops that knowledge and take it one step further beyond just simple literacy. With a programme for every child, each of the Unique English Classroom Programmes has been developed with the learner in mind. Resulting in a think-out- of-the-box, highly interactive and fun series of programmes to accelerate the teaching of English and provides a pathway to eventually creating his own masterpiece.

Multiple Revenue Streams
Franchisees will have access to multiple revenue streams from sale of books, holiday programs and course fees.

Unique Brand Positioning
A unique English program that not just covers English language through reading and writing, it focuses on comprehension, development of IQ and EQ, movement, speech and drama.
This provides a unique brand positioning which will allow you to partner with schools and other establishments seamlessly without appearing to be a conflict of interest.

Highly Sought After Program
Internationally branded, students in UEC will have the opportunity to become published authors through the International Young Author Society, enabling them to earn royalties from the stories that they have written and gain recognition from our International Awards.

Strong Franchisor Experience and Support
With a strong background in Journalism and Publishing, Franchisor has over 20 years of experience in this proven program. Constant Curriculum update and a robust training system, the Franchisor has created diagnostic assessment placement tools, report cards, certificates and PR articles.

Constant Re-training
Improvement to the curriculums and new methods of teaching will be shared periodically in form of new training to all certified trainers in UEC. You will not be left behind in the teaching landscape as Franchisor will constantly be improving the program.

Additional information

Year of Establishment


Country of Origin


Number of Units

SG: 2
MY: 15
PH: 4

Franchise Options

Master Franchise (MF)

Franchise Fee

USD 24K +



Marketing Fund


Franchise Term

10 + 10 years

Estimated Setup Cost

USD 35K+

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