Supergreen: Money Cultivating Franchise Opportunity for Today’s Health-Conscious Consumers

Written by Hsien Naidu, CEO, TreeAMS

Fast-casual salad chains are increasingly becoming ubiquitous in many cities across the country, thanks to the emergence of two trends: an overall boom in the fast-casual dining industry and a cultural shift toward healthier, vegetable-heavy meals. Today consumers want to know what they put into their bodies and are proud to be seen as taking care of their bodies. Salad no longer means tasteless diet food or part of the sad desk salad. Today’s salad culture offers colourful, nutritious, healthy, tasty offerings with sexy brand-focused packaging. Office workers worldwide queue for the freshest, tastiest and most trendy salad bars that shout, “I am in the know! I take care of me!” 

Supergreen is a salad culture concept that has grown to 7 outlets in less than 12 months. Their locations are spread between central Business districts and university campuses. Their products offer customers the diversity, quality, speed and convenience to fuel their day. Besides the obvious health and taste benefits, Supergreen’s wholesome and tasty salad bowls are also positioned at value-added prices friendlier to the consumer’s pocket! Although the operating hours are shorter, every salad master works at top speed to serve the patient and snaking queues that patronise their outlets during lunchtime. Why do customers queue? Because today’s customers are happy to be regular at their favourite salad chain, knowing they can depend on the quality and reliability of each salad bowl served by their favourite salad bar, Supergreen. 


Salad chains are profitable franchise opportunities because current food trends point toward customisation. Many salad bars offer a wide variety of ingredients, allowing customers to create unique salads according to their preferences. Today’s customers seek nutritious options, and Supergreen offers fresh, healthy, locally sourced produce and offers a range of vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins at affordable price points. To keep customers returning daily, Supergreen incorporates diverse flavours and ingredients from different cuisines. Customers can find ingredients like edamame, tofu, roasted chickpeas, and various international dressings and spices alongside traditional salad toppings. This exciting diversity caters to customers seeking a broader range of flavours and culinary experiences. As an environmentally conscious brand, Supergreen also advocates sustainable practices that include using biodegradable or compostable containers and minimising food wastage. 

Of the 6 Supergreen outlets, franchising 2 outlets located in the heart of Singapore’s CBD, at The Arcade and Cross Street exchange. Supergreen's strong brand recognition & reputation among customers and the impressive performance of their initial outlet, located at Marina, attracted interest from prospective franchisees who see the potential and longevity of the healthy food trend. is a major factor in driving this interest.

When asked why the franchisees chose Supergreen as their franchise of choice, Kenneth Low said,” I picked Supergreen because I believe that the fuss-free and healthy food concept will continue to thrive. As a first-timer franchisee, the learning curve isn’t too steep compared to other franchise concepts!” 

Indeed, the well-curated menu, simplicity of daily operations, and affordable franchise business set-up makes Supergreen an extremely exciting amongst other franchises. To optimise the supply chain and increase economies of scale, Supergreen is still open to collaborating with franchisees to open up more outlets in Singapore.  

If you want to learn more about the Supergreen franchise opportunity, please get in touch with us today. We would be happy to answer any questions and help you start your journey to owning your own Supergreen franchise.

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