Automating Workflows To Increase Productivity And Accuracy

Written by Hsien Naidu, CEO, TreeAMS

The power of a good workflow and its related checklist should not be underestimated. In our new digital world, manual workflows and checklists are now elevated to digital versions that can be highly automated to reduce implementation repetition, save time and reduce human errors.

Applying as much automation to repeated workflows and checklists as puts in place the high-quality sets of actions and workflows to bring about higher levels of productivity. Automated workflows and Checklists that have built-in triggers and automated response actions can dramatically add value to the overall efficiency of the business and ensure best practices are in place.

Today, we need automation more than ever before as business applications need some level of inter-connectivity, both within organizations, as well as businesses talking to businesses and consumers across the globe and across time zones. The ‘Internet of Things’, devices talking to devices, will soon be bigger than the ‘Internet of People’.

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Implementing Automated Workflows And Checklists On The Cloud

The emerging workforce has a culture of BYOD (bring-your-own-device), and expects access to business tools on-demand, across constantly available networks. Using excel spreadsheets, sending through emails, downloading onto a server, combining outcomes to create manual reports simply take up too much time and require discipline to implement. Businesses today have increased their demand for faster reporting, data mining, compliance, and IT management. Automated Workflows and Checklists that are available on the cloud seamlessly allow business actions to be processed in a few simple preordained steps. With day-to-day running automated, there can be more time available to focus on channeling resources towards higher value add tasks.

Reduces Manual Workload

The new demands give further weight to age-old benefits. Automation can save money by reducing the manual workload on the shoulders of IT staff. Risk is reduced by removing human error. Jobs can be scheduled and orchestrated across different platforms. Monitoring can be in place constantly, every hour of the day, and triggers can be implemented if action is necessary.

Cost Effective

The reduction in reliance on real-time physical onboarding through automated workflows and checklists means fewer human resources are required for each workflow implementation. With the right software in place, a set of solid and effective procedures translates into automation rules for scheduling, monitoring and management of the systems.

In summary, Automated Checklists Can:

  1. Capture proprietary information as a process.
  2. Save money as Automation saves money as routine tasks are automatically carried out, automated triggers ensure quick responses to unexpected errors are more rapid, reducing operational downtime.
  3. Allows employees to focus on higher-value activities like the company’s marketing efforts; improve the supply chain; spend time managing franchisees and improve other areas of business productivity.
  4. Help detect unexpected events, as well as send out alerts and triggers for response actions.
  5. Orchestrate workload orchestration across different platforms which will occur seamlessly and can function without relying only on human effort.

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